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Helping Special Needs Families Connect With Information

We want to find all the great resources and provide it to families online.

Who We Are

Founder and CEO Steve Potts is an attorney outside Philadelphia at Herr Potts and Potts.  The idea for Kokua Network came over the years of witnessing frustrated parents of special needs children when faced with the overwhelming tide of information they need to learn.  Having a brother, and brother-in-law, with special needs, Steve set out to pursue his dream of creating an online platform to help families everywhere have access to critical information and know they aren’t alone. Working with others in the special needs community, the hope is to provide a valuable and trusted resource for families to turn to.


Our Mission

Universal Access

Every parent, brother, sister, friend, grandparent – regardless of location, resources, or demographics – should have access to the most up-to-date, critical knowledge regarding special needs issues they are facing.


Sustained collaboration is fundamental to the creation and delivery of the highest quality information.  Important decisions can now be made based on access to a knowledge base and experienced community members.


Everyone has needed assistance when facing any number of issues over the years. Reach out to community members to seek advice or lend a sympathetic ear. Assist in coordinating and mobilizing social action locally or nationally.


The convenience of finding a network of individuals who are facing the same issues that you face is essential in today’s world.  Kokua Network will strive to bring new technology advancements to assist and benefit the special needs community.