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[iconbox1] [iconbox1-item title="Knowledge" img="" link="" link_text="Learn More"]Explore the Knowledge Center with information on Special Needs Trusts to Government Benefits to Housing Options.[/iconbox1-item] [iconbox1-item title="Directory" img="" link="" link_text="Learn More"]Search the Special Needs Yellow Pages to find relevant programs, services, camps, or whatever else in your area.[/iconbox1-item] [iconbox1-item title="Planning" img="" link="" link_text="Learn More"]Take our special needs bootcamps relevant to your life situation (New Parent, Toddler-Teen Parent, Adult Parent or Sibling).[/iconbox1-item] [/iconbox1]

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[alert type="info" close="true"]3rd Party Special Needs Trusts check out the videos.[/alert]
[alert type="info" close="true"]Individualized Family Service Plan why its needed.[/alert]
[alert type="info" close="true"]Representative Payee the what, when and how.[/alert]

[alert type="info" close="true"]Payback Special Needs Trust-video explaining why they are needed[/alert]


[one-half last=true][alert type="info" close="true"]IEP vs. 504 Plan see the differences.[/alert]
[alert type="info" close="true"]Residential Options for adults with IDD.[/alert]
[alert type="info" close="true"]Guardianship check out the videos and learn.[/alert] [/one-half]


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[process title="Discover" img=""] Discover and learn about different special needs topics that may affect your family. [/process]
[process title="Organize" img=""] Brainstorming about how to meet your challenges  will help you come up with solutions. [/process]
[process title="Plan" img=""] Create a plan that not only provides a solution for today but also provides for success tomorrow. [/process]
[process title="Team Up" img=""] Partner with local experts and stay ahead of the ever changing rules and regulations like a pro. [/process]
[process title="Thrive" img=""] Adapting to new challenges and following your unique path will have its rewards. [/process]