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Welcome to Kokua Network

What is Kokua?

Kokua is a native Hawaiian word meaning help, assistance, or cooperation.

What is Kokua Network?

In the true spirit of the Hawaiian word, the Kokua Network was founded with one intention only:  to help.

Springing from the experience of having navigated the difficult, sometimes treacherous territory of a family member caring for one with a disability, the Kokua Network exists as a forum to help with advice, guidance, and practical solutions.

Whether you are:

  • The parent of a newborn or newly diagnosed small child and are taking your first tentative steps toward looking for advice; or
  • Transitioning your special needs preschooler into elementary school and overwhelmed by the terminology, testing, and meetings; or
  • Looking toward your disabled child’s adulthood and seeking guidance about what the options are; or
  • Trying to make financial decisions in a way that will provide for your sibling or child in all ages of his or her life;

Kokua Network is there to help.

Go to the Planning Guides, and find topics on every phase of your child or sibling’s life.

Check out our Boot Camps, which explain everything from Special Needs Trusts to the difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan.

Search our Directory for a summer camp program or service that fits your needs.

We invite you to check out our website.  It’s free, it has something for everyone, and more is being added every day.

Join our community.  Follow our blog.  And continue the conversation.

Kokua Network.  Helping the Special Needs Community Connect.

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